The Human Resources Department of Rajeshwar Hospital is dedicated to supporting the mission and values of the hospital. This department fosters a work environment that reflects the Hospital's commitment to leading with innovation and serving with compassion.

We strive to recruit, develop and support a qualified and dedicated staff that will enable us to achieve these objectives and preserve our proud history of care and compassion.

The HR Department Ensures

1. A positive and respectful work environment for all employees
2. Equitable and accessible services for patients, families, and visitors
3. Inclusive, welcoming surroundings for all

To enable the hospital to successfully meet its goals and objectives, the department strives to :-

1. Recruit and develop qualified and effective staff who will carry out the mission of the hospital
2. Foster and provide excellent service through education, consultation, and counseling
3. Implement and administer innovative programs and equitable policies dedicated to the well-being of employees
4. Ensure that policies and programs are consistent with current legislation relevant to employment, occupational health and safety, and human rights.