Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

Rajeshwar Hospital pharmacy is a one-stop-shop for all your healthcare requirements.

Pharmacy services at Rajeshwar Hospital provide an extensive range of pharmaceutical products, surgical products, mother and child care, general healthcare products, lifesaving drugs, nutritional supplements, and personal care products for women's hygiene, etc.

It is an important medical branch that deals with patients suffering from imminent life-threatening diseases or accidents. These types of patients often require quick monitoring, and organ support to ensure their recovery. Emergency scenarios are quite common in the critical care unit and we, at Rajeshwar hospital, have specialized doctors and staff available to manage the situation and take care of the patient’s safety.

In Rajeshwar Super-Speciality Hospital, we have emergency services available 24*7, and the unit has some advanced pieces of machinery to ensure the first diagnosis of the patient has been taken care of, and after that, we can shift the patient to a specialized department to make sure the patient does not suffer from any long-term risks.

Key Features Include

:- Open 24*7 throughout the yearv

:- Wide Range of medicine available like Pharmaceutical Items, Surgical & Disposables, Life-Saving and general healthcare Products

:- Genuine Medicine with batch no and expiry dates are only kept

:- Separate access counters for hospital patients and people from outside

:- Availability of medicine box, where unused, unrequired medicine can be put in it