Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is a surgical procedure to treat spinal deformity, trauma and related disorders.

Spine surgery is a procedure to expose the anatomy of spinal structure and treat it for a range of conditions and disorders. Spinal surgery is often indicated as a last resort when non-surgical alternatives such as physical activity, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory and other medications have failed to be effective.

The Department of Spine Surgery at Rajeshwar Hospital works with an emphasised focus on ‘safe spine surgeries’. Our team of experts are renowned worldwide for their dynamic innovations and expertise in this field.

Types of spine surgery

There are several different types of spine surgeries and procedures. The type of spine surgery depends upon the patient’s condition, the severity of symptoms, cause of the condition, patient’s overall health, age and other facts.
Common types of spine surgery include:

1. Discectomy
2. Laminectomy
3. Laminotomy
4. Disc replacement
5. Spinal fusion